Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I Can't See on Wednesday

I usually like to share photos of what I see around here and out at the ranch.  Well, I did take a bunch of pictures to show you.  I just can't get them off of the card on onto the computer!  I have to go get a new card reader today.  My old one finally bit it and of course, I can't find the cord to connect the camera.  Ah well....

I thought I'd share a quote with you from a movie I saw earlier today "Post Grad".  It really stuck with me.  Michael Keaton plays Alexis Bledel's father in the movie and tells her

 "What you do with your life is only half of it, the other fifty percent is who you do it with."


  1. I really didn't like that movie. Just saying. But that quote is nice.

  2. This is spooky, Jules! I bought a new card over the summer and just after I printed some of my England photos, the card died! I can't use it any more! Is the magnetic field out of wack?

  3. I've had two cards fail since I started with digital back in 2000. I try to always have spares and do back-ups. Such a pain!

    Fortunately this is just the card reader this time. No worries about lost photos. Yay..


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